Vietnam Flight Information Pregnant Policy

Pregnant Policy

Pregnant women requirement of Vietnam Airlines (VNA)

· Passengers must notify the booking agent of the pregnancy.
· Vietnam Airlines does not accept the transport of pregnant women during the seven days before or after birth.

Passengers are pregnant women who have completed the procedures for certifying health before the flight if they are in one of the following cases:

  • Gestation period of 32 weeks or more;
  • Not clearly identified during pregnancy or birth time, or
  • Before they gave twins, triplets ...; or
  • There may be problems during birth, or
  • Become pregnant by artificial insemination methods. Passengers of this type procedures must be pre-flight medical examination at the hospital where they are artificially inseminated and to monitor their health, or at the health facility was approved Vietnam Airlines

Pregnant women should not fly in the following cases:

1. Hypertension during pregnancy.
2. Hyperglycemia or diabetes is not controlled or poorly controlled.
3. Sickle cell disease (brittle when red blood cells at high altitudes, low oxygen levels).
4. The risk for premature labor and placental abnormalities.

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