Check-in procedure for the flight from Hanoi to Danang will changed to E hall

Vietnam Airlines has said it will continue to move check-in region to E hall of Terminal 1 for the flight from Hanoi to Danang since 25 Apr.

hanoi airport

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Vietnam Airlines increases hundred of flights during holiday period 30 Apr and 1st May.

30 Apr and 1st May is the biggest holiday in Vietnam.  National Airlines (Vietnam Airlines) has increase number of Vietnam internal flights to meet the demand of travelers.

Vietnam Airlines holiday period 30 Apr and 1st May.

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Fierce competition in Vietnam aviation industry

The fierce competition in Vietnam aviation market is happening including shopping aircraft, opening new routes ...which are just parts of the competition with the goal of expanding market share, reaching new oriented customer classes.

Vietnam Airline

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Vietnam Airlines competes with private aviation enterprise - Vietjet Air

Before the emergence of many private aviation businesses, corporations, Vietnam Airlines began to worry about its monopoly position.

Vietnam Airline and Vietjet Air

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Street food in Hanoi in the eyes of international tourists .

Hanoi is known as the paradise of street food in the eyes of foreign tourists . The restaurant is hided away in the small alley like a maze in the heart of the old town .

Hanoi capital is considered as one of the famous spot for street food in Southeast Asia . During the old quarter tour, tourists can easily discover the local cuisine from noodle to dog meat.

Street Food in Hanoi

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