Seaplane will operate in Sept 2014.

To resolve the impasse tourism investment so effective, a tourism product is extremely new, with the goal of targeting the VIP audience were launched: Vietnam experience by seaplane.

Ho Chi Minh night city Nha trang night


Deputy general director of a business corporation seaplane field, scheduled to open in September service in Vietnam, said the idea of exploiting seaplane tour has been fragmented for many years but until 2013 Beginners proceed.


"The reason decided to put this kind of low-flying aircraft to tourists since Vietnam have we seen a very long coastline. If traveling by road will take time, but air travel is not a big plane accessible everywhere.

Meanwhile, seaplane not need to take the runway, landing (just flat distance 20m), low flying visitors to easily enjoy the best scenery below, provides interesting experience " share this position.

Transportation is 12-18 guests

Advantage when traveling by seaplane is saving 6-8 times compared to travel time by road, enjoy the entire landscape from above, possibly to the point that official airlines as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air cannot operate.

Seaplane aviation company BP was put into operation in 2014 was the introduction Caravan (carrying from 12-18 guests) of America.

Expected for May 7-8 this year, two seaplane going to Vietnam, and December 3 will be the next thing.

In August, seaplanes and will be tested early September, seaplane flight first trade will be exploited.

As representatives of mining companies, seaplane flights will first be deployed Hanoi - Ha Long. Then, in December will operate flights to Ho Chi Minh City - Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet - Nha Trang, from Ho Chi to Nha Trang.

Captain of the flight will be the pilot experienced American, Canadian, and the copilot was Vietnam.

The seaplane is in compliance with safety and maintenance under the provisions of Army aviation and Vietnam.

Of course, the price of a seaplane tours are not cheap so well, mainly targeted at international travelers or tourists Vietnam with high incomes.

An hour seaplane flight will cost about $ 4,000, divided by the number of people on the plane.

Flight from Hanoi to Halong scheduled 30 minutes, there is $ 250 / person / way. If passengers flew package tours from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, then fly to the Gulf panoramic view price 350 USD / person / way.

In addition, the ancillary services will also be deployed to satisfy, the most convenient for god (fly tours from Hanoi - Halong sightseeing, and lunch on the day; fly from Ho Chi Minh City Phan Thiet to sleep a night in the hotel and on ...).

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