Expanding Ho Chi Minh airport to serve 26 million passengers per year.

To meet the maximum capacity for 26 million passengers a year, Ho Chi Minh airport plans to build additional 21 landing lots and 40 procedure counters.

Expanding Ho Chi Minh airport to serve 26 million passengers per year

Tan Son Nhat Airport has reached the capacity of 20 million passengers since late 2013, reached the peak at 550 flights a day so it will be difficult if not expand to meet demand.

According to the calculation of ACV, to meet the infrastructure for a maximum capacity of 26 million passengers a year, the airport should have 60-65 aircraft parking positions instead of only 40 such positions now. If you make use of the land and the remaining part of defense land to build an additional 21 parking positions.

As for the international terminal, ACV intends to expand the right and the left to add 40 check-in counters. Domestic Terminal prolonged as T1 terminal of Noi Bai is 3,900 m2. If possible expansion, both international and domestic after renovation can meet more 6 million visitors.

Chairman of the Board members Airports Corporation Vietnam (ACV) said, if the international airport - Long Thanh will be in use in next 10 year, Tan Son Nhat airport must be expanded in order to meet the maximum the operational capacity.

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